Cloud & Infrastructure

Our mission is to provide Australian Mid-Market customers with Enterprise grade solutions without the added costs. Our services proactively monitor and closely maintain your infrastructure, freeing up your capital and human resources to focus on high-priority business requirements.

We maximise the benefits to our customers by offering enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure services through our tailored solutions. Our offerings include Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and on premise/DC managed infrastructure support. Our focus is on securing your data, providing business continuity through backed-up solutions and ultimately ensure the longevity of your business. By customising your needs to the ideal plan, Logic Stream removes unnecessary expenses for your business, with the security and convenience of reliable access on the move. The necessity for cloud computing has redefined the way businesses operate. Developing a reliable and optimised cloud infrastructure is vital for securing essential business data.

Logic Stream’s enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure provides your business with 24/7 access from anywhere globally.

Logic Stream has the experience and expertise to tailor a solution that will support your business ensuring scalability, reliability, and business agility.


Benefits to your business:



Access on-demand compute power to scale up or down as and when required. This allows your business to tailor its back end cost as required so you’re only paying for what you need.


Our Service Level Agreement offers up to 99.99% uptime guaranteeing your business continuity


With your end customer in mind, we proactively monitor your network, identify and resolve issues eliminating/minimising business disruption and ensuring your clients experience is uninterrupted

Predictable billing model

With Logic Stream, we provide our clients with a fixed monthly cost allowing them to budget and predict costs eliminating surprises.


Our 24/7 contact centre employs seasoned professionals who take your business seriously. Our staff are well trained and ready to support your business as and when required


Our Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions Include:


On Premise, Hybrid or Cloud services:

Our clients have different requirements and to support their business, we tailor our solutions to ensure their business outcomes are met. We begin with an assessment to understand your environment, challenges, business objectives and end user experience. We base our recommendations on our comprehensive analysis of your environment and work with you to ensure we communicate the details in an easy to understand approach.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Logic Stream provides servers, storage, networking as well as the virtualisation or hypervisor layer infrastructure as a service. We provide you with what your business requires, eliminating the need to pay for anything you do not use.


Cloud Migration:

Our cloud migration assessment takes a comprehensive approach to understand your existing environment, provide a full project plan outlining risk mitigation, timelines, project deliverables and deliverables including an internal communication plan to ensure your business is kept ahead and your end users are provided with a positive experience


Cloud Security:

Our business is to make sure your business is secure! Our Cloud Security experts will set up policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilised to protect virtualised IP, data, applications, services, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. We work to ensure our customer’s data and infrastructure environment is protected at all times.



We care about the fine print! Compliance is often overlooked and neglected. It is an important point that can result in severe results if not covered correctly. Our Compliance experts will work to ensure the cloud-delivered systems are compliant with the standards your customers require. Our Cloud Compliance services ensure that the consumed Cloud Computing services meet your (and your customer’s) compliance


Managed Cloud Services:

Whether you need a little or a lot of us, we are here to help! We tailor our services to your needs and deliver partial or complete management and control of yourCloud  This includes migration, maintenance and optimisation. By using Logic Stream to manage your Cloud environment, your business can ensure its Cloud resources run efficiently.


It all starts with an obligation free assessment

Our focus is to deliver “Business outcomes through ICT Solutions”.

Contact us to organise a complimentary consultation. We will take the time to understand your business requirements, provide you with insights, demonstrate the value we can add and conduct a no-commitment assessment on which we base our solution.

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