LogicStream can support your business with traditional managed mobility solutions as well as specialised solutions around the IoT sector.

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides unparalleled, data-driven insights across your business, providing you the visibility to better control and automate your processes. Insights like never before has the power to change decision-making and improve your business so you can respond, adapt and predict the fluctuating needs of your customers and your business.

Reduce overall costs, increase efficiency, improve customer experiences, and opportunities to discover and grow existing and new revenue streams.

Logic Stream will work with you to drive the most out of your Mobility an IoT-powered future possible, today.



Partnering with Australia’s leading mobility carrier, Logic Stream is here to tailor mobile solutions to suit your business. Connectivity, Handsets and Managed Mobility Solutions to support your mobile fleet and ensure your business is always connected!


IoT and IoT Devices:

We work with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) to choose the right devices, capture the right data and present it to you with added insights so you can make the right decision for your business


Machine to Machine Solutions:

Telemetry connectivity, a range of device solutions and more are available to you from Logic Stream


Mobile Device Management:

Logic Stream provides you with complete visibility over your mobile fleet allowing you to manage and control your devices remotely. Our MDM solution delivers security and peace of mind ensuring your business is protected and your data is shielded from falling into the wrong hands.


Hardware Audit:

We are here to simplify the complexity and provide you with a comprehensive view of your existing environment. Logic Stream will audit your devices and provide you with a list of handsets, model numbers, users associated with the handset and a recommended hardware option where applicable. We believe, planning your future begins by understanding your present!


Bill Analysis:

To keep your existing suppliers honest, Logic Stream will perform a comprehensive billing analysis and ensure you are paying the rates you agreed to pay! These audits result in significant cost efficiencies and provide your business with an opportunity to compare your current rates to the current market.


It all starts with an obligation free assessment

Our focus is to deliver “Business outcomes through ICT Solutions”.

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